Anytime Fitness

Dear Anytime Fitness,

Over the years I've started to put on a few pounds, so I've started running on the treadmill at your gym. When I was in community college in the late 70s in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin, I used to run on the local cross country team, "The Osh Kosh Community College Cross Country Team", or as we nicknamed it "O Ko Co Co Cro Co"!

I had just met my future husband, Richard, and he loved my slender physique.

I've come a long way from that body, and I've been trying to return to my college figure, but haven't been having much luck using your equipment! Is there a possibility the treadmill I've been using is defective? I always use the one closest to the bathroom (IBS), and run for 45 minutes almost every day, but haven't been seeing the results I was expecting.

Is this normal?

Linda Wilson

P.S. Do you know where I can buy muscle milk by the gallon? The small ones take up so much room in my fridge.


Dear Tesla,

I’m thinking of getting one of your cars, but am a little concerned about the gas mileage. How many gallons of electricity do your cars take? My Honda CRV takes 15 gallons of gas and it lasts me the week, as long as I don’t drive to Milwaukee to visit my cousin Brenda.

I’m also wondering if I can still fill up at my Chevron station? I have a chevron credit card and don’t want to lose my points.

Thank you,
Linda B. Wilson

Dear Wonderful Pistachios,

I keep finding empty shells in my bags of delicious pistachios. Did I receive a defective package? If so, how do I go about applying for a refund? I've already eaten the pistachios containing nuts.

Also, removing the shells is so time consuming. Do you sell a version of these nuts that's easier to eat?

Linda Wilson