Dear Tyson,

I recently got a bag of your jumbo chicken fingers at the grocery store, and my family was very impressed with the tenderness and juiciness of the meat. While eating dinner, my son Aaron had a great question: if the fingers of that chicken are so large and tender, how great must the rest be?

We’re having a family reunion next month, and having some jumbo chicken breasts or jumbo chicken wings would be very helpful, as we have a family full of big eaters.


Linda B. Wilson

Dear Chive,

My son is a big fan of your website. I bought him one of your t-shirts for his last birthday, and he wears it all the time. "Keep Calm and Chive On!", he always tells me. He's shown me some funny photos from the Chive, and it's turned me into a secret fan of yours!

Well while I was out shopping in Osh Kosh today, I saw somebody wearing a red "Keep Calm And Carry On" button. Do you know about this? I'm not sure what legal action you could take from someone obviously stealing your tagline, but I thought you should at least be aware of it. If you need more information, I can go back to the Yankee Candle outlet and find the employee who was wearing it.

Linda Wilson

Listerine Zero

Dear Listerine Zero,

I was very excited to see that you’ve come out with a variety of Listerine without all those calories, while still maintaining a great flavor. As someone who counts calories and watches her weight, I’ve found that every little bit counts. Now I’m able to have as much delicious Listerine as I want, guilt free! Also, fewer upset stomachs with this new variety! Many compliments on the new great product!

I’m interested in the additional ingredients of Listerine Zero, but couldn’t seem to find them on the bottle I purchased. Where can I find the nutrition facts for the Fresh Mint variety of your product? Particularly, I'm interested in the sweeteners used, and the suggested serving size for adults and children.

Thank you,
Linda Wilson