Dear Arby's,

I recently saw your commercial advertising your "13-Hour Brisket", and am very interested in trying it. My husband and I are huge fans of authentic BBQ (we get the McRib whenever it's available!) so I am quite excited to try this brisket I've heard so much about.

However, I have some questions regarding the ordeirng process. Do I need to call in my order beforehand, or can I still use the drive thru? Is there a way to get the brisket immediately, or at least take some curly fries to-go while it's being smoked? 13 hours is a long time to wait for lunch.

Linda B. Wilson

P.S. Can I bring my daughter Denise in to watch the brisket getting smoked? She loves cooking.


Dear Applebees,

I’ve been a big fan of your restaurant in Osh Kosh ever since you first opened down the street from my house. I was so excited to finally have a local neighborhood restaurant that was family friendly! My two kids love your appetizer sampler, and my husband loves a good mudslide or two (Chocolate is his weakness!).

On a recent trip back from Minneapolis we were thrilled to discover that you’d expanded and now have a La Crosse location! It was so nice to see a local business doing so well, and also great to get some food just like we’re used to getting back home. We had a great lunch, and Pam was such a nice waitress we made sure to leave her an extra good tip!

However, when doing some bookkeeping today I realized that I accidentally took the “Merchant copy” of the credit card receipt. What is the best way to return this to you? I want to make sure Pam gets the tip we left. Also, do you still have my copy the receipt?

Linda B. Wilson

P.S. Where do you buy your antiques? I saw a pair of snowshoes on the wall of your restaurant that look a lot like my grandfathers.

Anytime Fitness

Dear Anytime Fitness,

Over the years I've started to put on a few pounds, so I've started running on the treadmill at your gym. When I was in community college in the late 70s in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin, I used to run on the local cross country team, "The Osh Kosh Community College Cross Country Team", or as we nicknamed it "O Ko Co Co Cro Co"!

I had just met my future husband, Richard, and he loved my slender physique.

I've come a long way from that body, and I've been trying to return to my college figure, but haven't been having much luck using your equipment! Is there a possibility the treadmill I've been using is defective? I always use the one closest to the bathroom (IBS), and run for 45 minutes almost every day, but haven't been seeing the results I was expecting.

Is this normal?

Linda Wilson

P.S. Do you know where I can buy muscle milk by the gallon? The small ones take up so much room in my fridge.